Open and Equitable Funding Program Webinar [February 10, 2022]

At its February call, the DEI Community learned about the Open & Equitable Model Funding Program. This program is a collaboration between the Open Research Funders Group (ORFG) and the HRA.  The ORFG is a network of philanthropies committed to the open sharing of research outputs. Given their remit, they aspire to leverage open research practices to create a more transparent, welcoming, and collaborative research ecosystem.

As part of this journey, the ORFG, in collaboration with the Health Research Alliance and an Equity & Open Science Working Group, has determined that to rapidly and visibly champion a more equitable and open research environment, philanthropies should leverage the best asset they bring to the research conversation – their grantmaking capabilities. During this session, we will learn about the progress and challenges of the Open & Equitable Model Funding Program, a program launched in September 2021 to pilot specific interventions co-created from the ground up with traditionally underrepresented communities and based on principles of equity.

Eunice Mercado-Lara
Open & Equitable Civic Science Fellow
Open Research Funders Group