Open Mic: Innovation in Philanthropy [HRA Members Meeting, Virtual, Fall 2020]

Recent events have forced member organizations to examine the gaps in the current biomedical research system – exposing areas of weakness, while also highlighting areas of immense opportunity. This ‘open mic’ session will explore innovative concepts and actions have the potential to revolutionize all aspects of the work of funders in the next decade (and beyond). The experiences gained during this challenging period in history have motivated many organizations to rethink how they serve their communities – from opting for faster, more efficient, and more open dissemination of research results, to accelerating the awarding of research grants, to equitably support the community in times of great need, and of course adding a greater focus on increasing diversity and inclusion in the scientific community to ensure greater equality. Beyond this, research stakeholders are seeking innovative approaches to move their science and cause forward, whether by improving access to clinical trials through the use of telemedicine or expanding the use of open access platforms to share their results. Join us for an open mic session on forward-thinking concepts with the catalytic potential to improve the future of biomedical research.

Joe Cotter
Research Constituent Engagement Manager | American Cancer Society

Erik Lontok, PhD
Director of Research | Barth Syndrome Foundation

Kick-Off Presenters  
Alycia Halladay, PhD
Chief Science Officer | Autism Science Foundation

Yung Lie, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer | Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

Christy Barrow
Program Manager | Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance