Open Science Landscape [Webinar, April 14, 2020]

HRA has consolidated the Open Science Task Force and the Data Sharing Working Group since the group objectives are overlapping.

This webinar will be of interest whether your organization would like to get up to speed on basic, current information related to Open Science or already has policies in place.

Greg Tananbaum, who coordinates the Open Research Funders Group, covered some basic information and available resources:

  • Why should funders explore implementing open science policies?
  • What’s in it for our researchers?
  • How does the scientific community benefit from increased open behavior by our scientists?
  • What organizations are helping to increase the uptake up open policies throughout the community (funders, publishers, researchers, universities) and how?
  • What resources are out there for funders to use to develop and implement policies?
  • What resources are out there to lower the barriers for researchers enhance their own open behavior?

Dr. Salvatore La Rosa, Chief Scientific Officer at the Children’s Tumor Foundation provided a funder’s perspective.  He shared information about CTF’s launch last year of their NF-OSI (Open Science Initiative).