Open Science Pre-Registration: Approaches to Ensuring Reproducibility and Transparency (Fall 2017 HRA Members Meeting)

HRA members learned about preregistering research at the Fall 2017 HRA Members Meeting in Chicago in a session entitled “Open Science – Pre-registration: Approaches to ensuring reproducibility and transparency.”

Reproducibility and transparency are critical elements to advancing biomedical research while providing scientists a tool for the future to better understand their data and outcomes. The use of pre-registration and the strengths and challenges for funders to incorporate pre-registration as part of evaluation metrics were presented in this session. Perspectives for both non-clinical and clinical data were presented to show how pre-registration may be a useful resource to ensure that funded research projects are reproducible while encouraging our open science initiatives.

  • Session Agenda
  • Session Meeting Summary
  • Presentation Slides: Tim Errington, PhD, Metascience Manager, The Center for Open Science
  • Presentation Slides: Deborah Zarin, MD, Director,