HRA Happenings – March 17, 2022

Dear HRA members,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


We have had quite a few webinars in the past few weeks.  Links to the slide decks and recordings can always be found on the Resources tab.

This webinar was a first step in helping funders learn to address toxic workplaces and harassment in academia. We heard from (1) NASEM’s Action Collaborative on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Higher Education; (2) about Michigan State Universities’ very proactive policies and procedures to address this issue, and (3) about one strategy (the Flag Sharing System) HRA members might be able to implement to put safeguards in place to prevent funding bad actors, which was developed by the Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment in STEMM.

The Research Workforce and Early Career Development Community held an Open Mic session on the Funder’s role in Professional Development for Early Career Investigators (ECIs). HRA member strategies are listed on this google sheet. If your opportunities aren’t listed, please add them.  This is how we learn from each other!

The ED of the Disability & Philanthropy Forum gave HRA members some extremely useful information, including:

This session focused on challenges members are facing in evaluating their programs as well as solutions to these challenges. The discussion of  evaluating impact will continue with a session on using Logic Models to develop programs and evaluate impact via a session at the HRA Spring Members Meeting.    Note: If you have logic models for your programs (such as the those listed in the Community resources) please send them to Maryrose).



We also have two upcoming events. These can always be found on the Events tab.

HRA Members Meetings:

Be on the lookout for an email from Annette to register soon.


Thanks so much to the Simon’s Foundation for offering to host our first in-person meeting in almost 3 years!  We are so excited to finally meet in person (hopefully). So mark your calendars and cross your fingers!