Beyond Co-Funding: Stronger Together Part II [HRA Members Meeting, Spring 2019]

Collaboration can be critical to advancing scientific discoveries; likewise, forging strong relationships with other biomedical research grant makers can elevate the work accomplished by each organization, advancing their respective missions. Building on the momentum from the previous Members’ Meeting in Durham, this session will continue the collaboration discussion, bringing new perspectives toward how organizations can work together to achieve their missions. This session will focus on how HRA members can work together to embark on large initiatives targeting specific scientific questions and/or collaborate to achieve mission-driven projects to advance their respective fields. The session will conclude with an update on the status of the upcoming Collaboration Program and Workshop to be held on November 12-13, 2019.

Shannon Gallagher‑Colombo, PhD
Assistant Director, Scientific Review and Grants Administration | American Association for Cancer Research

Lynne Garner, PhD (Presentation)
President | Donaghue Foundation

Heather Snyder, PhD (Presentation)
Senior Director, Medical & Scientific Relations | Alzheimer’s Association

Andres Hurtado-Lorenzo, PhD (Presentation)
Senior Director of Translational Research | Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation