Implementing New Ways to Model Human Disease for More Effective Drug Discovery [HRA Members Meeting, Fall 2018]

The cost of drug R&D makes up the bulk of the cost of prescription drugs because consumers not only pay for the medicines they are prescribed, but also for all the ostensibly promising agents emerging for the laboratory only to fail in clinical trials. The preclinical drug discovery and testing phases are filled with challenges and have a poor success rate especially in certain disease without good preclinical models.

This session will explore ways to change the drug discovery paradigm with novel strategies such as machine learning and other technologies which are expected to make the drug discovery quicker, cheaper and more effective.

Sindy Escobar-Alvarez, PhD
Senior Program Officer for Medical Research | Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Sara Omlid, PhD (Presentation)
Partnering Executive | Atomwise, Inc

Paul Macklin, PhD (Presentation)
Associate Professor | Intelligent Systems Engineering, Indiana University