Opportunities to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion in Biomedical Research [HRA Members Meeting, Virtual, Fall 2020]

Dr. Hannah Valantine, NIH’s first Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity, will present NIH’s plans to support scientific workforce diversity and inclusion efforts in the face of COVID-19. NIH’s plans include supporting inclusive excellence, which features messages about cognitive bias and institutional culture change. Dr. Valantine will discuss a number of NIH programs that target these areas, primarily at the graduate and faculty level.Dr. Cato Laurencin chairs the NASEM Roundtable on Black Men & Black Women in Science Engineering, and Medicine. He has written extensively on related issues, including a Science Editorial highlighting the efforts of the Roundtable to focus on confronting issues that threaten the future of Blacks broadly in science. The ideas became a blueprint for actions that not only address Black men in medicine but the trajectory for Black women, and issues in engineering and science overall. The Roundtable was initiated to understand the barriers, explore opportunities, and develop actionable plans to increase the number of Blacks pursuing science, engineering, and medicine. Dr. Laurencin will be speaking to progress made to date.

Jessica M. Biddinger
Senior Manager, Pre-Award and Operational Guidelines Oversight | American Heart Association

Hannah Valantine, MD (Presentation)
Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity | NIH

Cato T Laurencin, MD, PhD (Presentation)
University Professor | The University of Connecticut