Resources How an open access platform to share the methods behind the data can enhance the impact of your grantees’ research and your funding. [Webinar, November 20, 2019]

The open access platform makes it easy to share research recipes and to collaborate on method development, both publicly and privately. This free platform addresses lack of reproducibility due to less than helpful materials and methods sections containing instructions like “we used a modified version of a protocol reported previously” or “contact author for details”.

Lenny Teytelman is the CEO, and Cofounder of, and will describe the platform and how can not only improve your grantees’ research workflow but also enhance rigor and reproducibility.

We will also hear from Jonah Cool a science program officer at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.  CZI is a major supporter of and Jonah will discuss his specific experience with the single-cell biology/Human Cell Atlas community and why CZI encourages researchers to use


Lenny Teytelman, PhD has over a decade of computational and experimental biology experience. He did his graduate studies at UC Berkeley, and it was his struggle with correcting a published research method as a postdoc at MIT that led him to cofound Lenny brings to a strong passion for open access, sharing knowledge, and improving research efficiency through technology.

Jonah Cool, PhD has been with CZI for nearly 3 years and has been responsible for shaping the strategy and leading a team focused on single-cell biology. CZI support for single-cell biology and the Human Cell Atlas has included grants for methods development, computational tools and also contributions via our computational biology and engineering teams to support the community with scalable forms of data analysis and infrastructure.

For more information or input on wording for recommendations for grantees please feel free to contact Lenny Teytelman ([email protected]) or Emma Ganley ([email protected])