Translating the Microbiome: Past, Present, and Future [HRA Members Meeting, Fall 2019]

Research over the last decade has revealed the enormous diversity of the human microbiome and the myriad of ways that it impacts health and disease. Dr. Lita Proctor, PhD, the former Coordinator of the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), will present some of the findings of the HMP, and its second phase, the integrative HMP, as well as discuss how the scientific community is moving past inventorying and into establishing cause and effect. She will also discuss where microbiome research should head in the future – for instance, can microbiome research be translated to improve health and treat disease?

Margaret Flowers, PhD
Director, Scientific Communications and Grants | Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Lita Proctor, PhD (Presentation)
Former Program Director | Human Microbiome Project, NIH/NHGRI