Funder-Institution RelationS Task (FIRST) Group :

Interest Group Description:
The FIRST group is focused on enhancingrelationships with academic institutions to collegially work together on common provisions in grant agreements such as Intellectual Property and Indirect Costs by:

      • Surveying the landscape
      • Identifying common ground
      • Providing guidance to funders and institutions around our interest

In 2018, the FIRST Group is being co-chaired by:

  • Marion Greenup, VP Administration, Simons Foundation
  • Amy Laster, Director, Grants and Awards Programs, Foundation Fighting Blindness
  • Louise Perkins, Chief Science Officer, Melanoma Research Foundation


Dear HRA Members,

See below for an invitation to register for a workshop planned by some members of HRA’s Funder Institution Relations Task (FIRST) group in collaboration with some of our university partners at COGR (Council on Government Relations.)

Space is limited so if you would like more than one attendee from your organization please let me know and we’ll see what we can do.  Also, hotels in the area are booking iup fast so make reservations ASAP.  There is no designated meeting hotel.

Thanks to the following for their leadership on this challenging effort.

  • Amy Laster, Heather Snyder, Andrew Smith and Jackie Hausman are co-chairs of Partnership working groups.
  • Marion Greenup and Louise Perkins are co-chair of FIRST (with Amy)
  • Betsy Myers, Lynne Garner, and Diane Bovenkamp have been an integral part of the collaborative efforts

This effort really need the input from the nonprofit funder community – so I hope all HRA member organizations can send a representative.