Open Access/Data Sharing
Post-application and The Award Process

Grant funding will result in publications, and there is a push to allow open access for publications. Allowing open access engages the communities involved to have access to publications and work that have resulted from funded projects.

Data Sharing Policies

Organizations are beginning to request or require data sharing plans on grant applications or in the award agreement policies. This could be allowing data or findings to be deposited into approved repositories or into pre-print databases such as bioRxiv. For example, AHA’s policy requests that any non-early-career awards do this within 12 months following the end of the funding period.

Exploring the Value of Open (EVO)

HRA’s Open Science community is leading the program called Exploring the Value of Open (EVO) with monthly webinars and discussion groups to assess and strategize with HRA members on promoting open science and data sharing. These discussions will focus on approaches for measuring the impact of open research policies, practices, and incentives.

In 2022, the EVO Program was launched with the following webinar:

HRA strongly encourages members to participate in these ongoing discussions to help communicate the importance of open science.