HRA Happenings – February 16, 2023

Dear HRA members,

We have a few exciting announcements before listing Upcoming Events and Member Resources.

Upcoming Events

Spring HRA Members Meeting
Register now (in-person or zoom) for the hybrid Spring Members Meeting to be held March 21-22, 2023, hosted by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation in Irvine, CA. Details, including hotel links, are here.

State of the Alliance Presentation: Strategic Plan Progress Report
(2/22/2023 3-4pm ET)                    Register here
I will be updating the membership on the implementation of the strategies set out in the 2021 Strategic Plan. We also hope to have a robust discussion about the priorities we have set for the coming years.

HRA Misconduct and Ethics Community Call – Role of the Ombuds
(3/2/2023 2-3pm ET)                      Register here
Please join the Misconduct and Ethics community to learn more about the role of the ombuds in fostering a healthy research environment in a university setting.  We’ll explore how can funders work together with universities to address toxic behavior and help our grantees as well as university resources (in addition to the ombuds office) that funders can help inform grantees about should they encounter a difficult situation.

2023 CEO Roundtables  (3/6, 6/6, 11/8)
(3/6/2023 3-4pm ET)                      Register here
HRA will be hosting three roundtables to give those in CEO-equivalent roles the opportunity to network and learn from their peers. Previous roundtable discussions covered fostering strategic partnerships, strategic planning, expanding programs under increasing expense constraints, and HR issues such as remote and hybrid work and compensation. If you have topics you would like to discuss, please email [email protected].

HRA Facilitating Open Series: DATA SHARING
(3/7/2023 2-3pm ET)                      Register here
As part of the EVO Program, HRA is hosting a series of working sessions for organizations with similar challenges to explore, develop and implement open science policies, practices, and compliance monitoring that is appropriate for your organization. Our first “Birds of a Feather” session will cover Data Sharing.

Registry and Biorepository call – Advocating for your Registry/Biorepository with your Board
(3/9/2023 2-3pm ET)                      Register here
Have you or will you need to justify resources to launch registry/biorepository programs? Come prepared to hear examples or discuss your own experience with respect to risk vs reward in program launch or growth, program sustainability, external partnerships, etc. The registration links to ALL 2023 community calls can be found here. Register for as many as you would like! Details for calls will be posted one month prior.

Member Resources

Listserv Responses: Return of Clinical Research Results [February 2023]
Sincere thanks to Erik Lontok, PhD, Director of Research, Barth Syndrome Foundation for compiling the responses to his listserv post seeking language on how foundations navigate the return of results for clinical research participants.

Grants Administration Community: Planning for 2023 and Topics of Interest
This community call discussed what issues are most top of mind for funders of health research and training, and should be addressed by this group in 2023. Issues of interest included GMS, IRBs, T&C language, alumni engagement, global grantmaking, and MUCH more!  Please send the cochairs topics you would find useful, and join future Grants Admin calls to help your organization solve some of your pain points!

Going beyond bibliometrics: A system to track the progress and impact of biomedical research funded by Susan G. Komen
The HRA Program Evaluation Community co-chairs were excited to have Amy Dworkin and Kari Wojtanik from Susan G. Komen present on learnings from the launch of their Komen Product Tracking System to HRA members. Attendees heard about the development of this tracker, findings since launching it, and lessons learned. Learn more about the tracker through their recent publication.

EVO Webinar: “The 2023 Federal Year of Open Science Initiative” with NIH, NSF and NASA
HRA members had the opportunity to hear and ask questions about the policies that three federal agencies (NIH, NSF and NASA) will be implementing in response to the Nelson (OSTP) Memo and the 2023 Federal Year of Open Science Initiative. Speakers: NASA (Chelle Genteman), NSF (Martin Halbert), NIH/NCI (Jaime Guidry Auvil).   Note that HRA is now a participating member of the 2023: Year of Open Science!!

All the best,