Research Workforce & Early Career Development

Working Group Description

The Research Workforce and Early Career Development Working Group helps HRA members build a diverse, motivated, and committed research workforce by:

  • Creating resources to facilitate funders’ learning about grant programs for early career investigators;
  • Facilitating opportunities to learn how HRA members can contribute to development and enhancement of the health research workforce; and
  • Identifying and disseminating practices to support development of early career investigators.

Proposed projects include:

  • Creating polices and benchmarks on common issues like maternity leave, work-life balance, and career changes
  • Collectively defining “early career scientist.”
  • Transitioning the existing early career programs comparison Excel worksheet into a functional resource for HRA members.
  • Centralizing existing resources on programmatic evaluation and identifying other useful materials for members.
  • Creating a resource for HRA members to clearly see what each organization requires in reporting from grantees and create a repository of relevant forms for HRA membership reference.

Working Group Plans:

  • Mentoring in the Research Workforce Webinar (January 22)
  • Staff scientist webinar (April 2019) and potentially partner with the NAS on a workshop to discuss the role of this position in the research workforce
  • Conduct survey to collect information on grantee trainings/workshops used by HRA members
    • Use data to create repository of information
  • Collect information from members who have made change in order to improving diversity in programs and create resource for the group


In 2020, the Research Workforce and Early Career Development Working Group is being co-chaired by: