HRA Happenings – June 23rd, 2022

Dear HRA members,

Congratulations to HRA and HRA members for being a major part of the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s lead story “Push for Diversity Among Biomedical Grant Makers Gains New Momentum”!

 Also, help me welcome our newest HRA member organizations!

If you are counting – that makes 109!!

Upcoming Events

Note that two of the events listed below are professional development opportunities for staff of HRA members. Please use the link provided to register for these perks of HRA membership to foster your own career and broaden your network!

Improving LGBTQ+ retention in STEM: A transatlantic perspective on current barriers and best practices
(7/13/2022 2-3 pm ET)
The DEI Community’s July call will focus on increasing LGBTQ+ retention in STEM.  Our presenters have taken a multifaceted approach to understanding and addressing the data on LGBTQ+ attrition and will present a set of recommendations on how to improve data collection, combat toxic professional environments, and support LGBTQ+ scientists in a variety of settings, with the goal of providing clear actions for funders.

Tough Talks: Communicating Effectively with Internal Stakeholders
(7/26: 12-2pm ET and 7/27: 2-4pm ET)
HRA’s Professional Development Program Team is pleased to offer another workshop for staff of HRA member organizations. This workshop will be led by John Beilenson, President of Strategic Communications & Planning, Inc (SCP).  This two-day workshop will focus on improving your communications skills with those in your own organization. Register using the link on the event page.

Understanding your Leadership Style
(8/30 & 9/1, 2022 2:30-5:00pm ET)
Back by popular demand! For those who weren’t able to attend the first “Understanding your Leadership Style” workshop, here is another opportunity. The content will be basically the same as the first workshop and is designed for mid-and upper-level managers at HRA member organizations (not the CEO-level).  Register using the link on the event page.

HRA Misconduct and Ethics Community Call
July call cancelled
Instead of meeting in July, the cochairs are asking that you add information about your organizations’ policies to this excel inventory of organizational policies. In addition, the group is creating a consolidated document to serve as a repository of policies so please add your policies to this dropbox folder.  The cochairs will collate the documents into a hyperlinked file that HRA members will be able to access and discuss at a later point. (If you have technical difficulties please email them to [email protected].)



Using Logic Models – to develop programs and measure impact
The Program Evaluation Community hosted a call to learn about the value of logic models in both designing programs and measuring impact. The logic model is only one way to help funders evaluate impact. If you have other strategies you would like to see this Community tackle, please let us know!

Scientists from Minority-Serving Institutions and Their Participation in Grant Peer Review
For its June meeting, the DEI Community learned more about how peer review may contribute to funding disparities across racial groups and between minority-serving institutions (MSIs) and traditionally White institutions (TWIs). Speakers included two of the authors of the publication  “Scientists from Minority-Serving Institutions and Their Participation in Grant Peer Review.”

HRA Registry and Biorepository Community Call
The first half of this Community call featured a presentation by Jason Colquitt, CEO Across Healthcare to discuss the Across Healthcare registry platform Matrix, which relies upon emergent data technology to enable direct-to-participant and multi-stakeholder portals. The second half of the call prioritized future discussion topics. Please let us know if you have topics you would like this Community to discuss.

Venture Philanthropy—Is it for everybody?
Building on past presentations from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Foundation Fighting Blindness, and JDRF, in this call we heard from Mark Roithmayr, CEO of ADDF. Mark introduced attendees to the ADDF VP model, but then walked us through common misconceptions, and  “Must Have’s” before taking on venture philanthropy.

Storytelling as a sensemaking strategy
The Communications Community hosted a session on storytelling as an opportunity to inspire interest and create change. We heard from Liz Neeley, CEO of Liminal, who drew from literatures on uncertainty and risk communication, misinformation, psychology, narrative identity, and sensemaking to explore storytelling strategies for communities, organizations, and individuals.

Don’t forget to make your hotel reservations soon for HRA’s Fall In-person (hybrid) Members Meeting to be held October 6 & 7, 2022 at the Simon’s Foundation in NYC.