Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Working Group Description

A diverse healthcare workforce not only improves patient care outcomes, it also allows organizations to be more productive, creative, and innovative. Still, not being part of the dominant culture adversely impacts researchers’ promotion rates, grant funding attainment, mentorship opportunities, and representation leadership positions. In addition, troubling health disparities result from socioeconomic inequity, bias, and structural racism.

HRA created the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group to provide a collaborative space for members to (1) identify barriers to biomedical researchers’ full participation in discovery that can be addressed by member organizations and ways to advance research that improves the health of all communities, and (2) combat bias in health care that have resulted in the health disparities that exist today.

The goals of the HRA DEI Working Group are to provide learning opportunities, develop resources, and identify tools to amplify member’s individual efforts to measurably advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in their grant programs and processes. The group is committed to helping HRA members learn, share, and implement successful strategies to eliminate racism, discrimination, and bias not only in research but across the broad health care ecosystem.

Here is a link to call notes, planning documents, and other resources related to the working group accessible to HRA Members only.

The DEI Working Group identified 3 areas of focus, and broke into subgroups to set goals and work collaboratively to achieve their goals. The 3 subgroups are:

  • Learning Opportunities
  • Sharing Resources
  • Tools/Implementation Strategies

We encourage anyone to join the calls of these subgroups – held on the months opposite the calls of the Main DEI Working Group.


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group is being co-chaired by:

  • Sindy Escobar Alvarez, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
  • Zoë Fuchs, Tuberous  Sclerosis Alliance
  • Kim Lezak, The Medical Foundation
  • Kelly Chavez Rose, Burroughs Wellcome Fund